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BioIntelliSense acquired AlertWatch, an FDA-cleared, clinically proven patient-monitoring solution.

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BioIntelliSense, a continuous health monitoring and clinical intelligence company, announced its acquisition of AlertWatch, an FDA-cleared, clinically proven patient monitoring solution. AlertWatch uniquely provides robust integration, data analysis and a patented intuitive display of contextual patient data for more efficient, actionable clinical decisions. As part of the recently announced strategic partnership with Medtronic, its Patient Monitoring business will distribute AlertWatch to hospitals throughout the U.S. as a new offering in its HealthCast portfolio.

“The addition of AlertWatch offers healthcare providers comprehensive continuous monitoring solutions, and an accelerated path from adoption to full-scale utilization,” said James Mault, MD, founder and CEO of BioIntelliSense. “The patented AlertWatch multi-parameter interface displays and analyzes data from inpatient vitals, the electronic medical record (EMR), laboratory systems, and BioIntelliSense medical-grade wearables, to provide clinical intelligence across care settings and acuity levels.”

Hospitals nationwide are seeking enterprise-grade platforms that optimize labor-intensive processes through automation of data capture combined with scalable exception management and clinical insights from in-hospital to home. Over the past decade, AlertWatch has earned four FDA 510(k) clearances for its specialized product offerings for the operating room, intensive care unit, and labor and delivery unit. AlertWatch is also monitoring patients in general care wards–and now, in the home, said a press release.

The AlertWatch centralized triage dashboard aggregates data and provides clinicians with a composite view of patient vital sign trends, while simultaneously performing advanced analytics and alerting, for proactive clinical decisions. The AlertWatch system has been used to assist with over one million surgeries and over 25,000 births. The AlertWatch operating room solution, when comparing users versus non-users, was associated with a one-day reduction in post-operative length of stay (LOS) and a $3,603 reduction in encounter charges.

“By joining forces with BioIntelliSense, we are thrilled to greatly expand the reach and adoption of our world-class clinical decision support solution,” said Professor Kevin Tremper, MD, Ph.D., founder and President of AlertWatch. “The workflow automation benefits not only help to reduce hospital stays and costs, but also assist clinicians and nurses by alerting them with highly actionable information that prioritizes and personalizes patient care.”

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The BioIntelliSense and AlertWatch platforms are interoperable solutions with extensive third-party and EMR system integration and data exchange capabilities. BioIntelliSense remains committed to an ecosystem approach that provides the flexibility, security, and scalability that is needed to support our customers’ patient monitoring needs.

”I am excited to see our partnership with BioIntelliSense expand so, together, we can help more patients in more places,” said Frank Chan, president of the Patient Monitoring business, which is part of the Medical Surgical Portfolio at Medtronic. “The addition of the AlertWatch system to our HealthCast™ portfolio of connectivity and remote monitoring solutions strengthens our commitment to patient safety and enables workflow efficiency for our customers as they monitor patients in-hospital and at-home.”


BioIntelliSense is ushering in a new era of continuous health monitoring and clinical intelligence for remote patient monitoring (RPM). Its medical-grade Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform seamlessly captures multi-parameter vital signs, physiological biometrics, and symptomatic events through an effortless patient experience. The medical-grade BioButton wearable device makes remote monitoring and early detection simple. Through the platform’s advanced analytics, clinicians have access to high-resolution patient trending and reporting to enable medical grade remote care from in-hospital to home.

Jürgen Thalmayer
November 9, 2022

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