FitTrack Announces the Launch of Beebo, A Reliable Smart Scale Designed For Moms-To-Be

Leading health and fitness technology company FitTrack has launched FitTrack Beebo...

Image: FitTrack

Leading health and fitness technology company FitTrack has launched FitTrack Beebo, the most accurate and reliable smart scale designed for moms-to-be. FitTrack is continuing on its mission to make tracking health and wellness accessible to everyone — with incredibly affordable and easy-to-use products designed for every stage of your life.

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“We are thrilled to offer a unique, accurate and truly reliable smart scale that’s tailored to pregnant women at a time when their health — and that of their baby — is more important than ever,” says Jeffrey Sawyer Lee, founder and CEO of FitTrack. "Beebo is made for moms, by moms, because we want to make sure we’re bringing them smart technology they can rely on, through every step of their pregnancy journey and beyond.”

Understanding that motherhood can be exciting, isolating and confusing all at once, FitTrack Beebo was designed to help women through the journey of motherhood, from pregnancy all the way through postpartum. With FitTrack Beebo, expecting mothers can connect to their bodies — and their baby — in a whole new way. The intelligent maternity smart scale features four modes: Infant, Pregnancy, Athlete and General Mode, allowing future moms to create goals and track their progress through every step of the pregnancy and motherhood process, reports BusinessWire.

With 17 comprehensive health metrics and four modes, FitTrack Beebo is a one-stop-shop for mothers to track numerous details about the health of their bodies, and babies, including:

  • Baby’s Growth: Track baby or infant’s progress by stepping on the scale holding the baby, while Beebo automatically deducts the user’s weight to confirm the baby’s growth
  • Mother’s Progress: Measuring only their weight and BMI with fat measures turned off, to allow for more accurate baby growth tracking
  • More Accurate Insights: Understanding more about their bodies than ever, with deeper insights and more precise activity reports analyzing progress
  • Deeper Analysis: Comprehensive reports to encourage them on their journeys to stay motivated and mindful

Since FitTrack’s launch in late 2018, the company’s focus remains on specializing in technology dedicated to users’ wellness, originally with the most accurate Wi-Fi smart scale Dara and fitness smartwatch Atria. At FitTrack, your health means more than just a number on the scale, and FitTrack Beebo rounds out the company’s suite of offerings to ensure anyone, anywhere can have access to the tools they need to monitor their health and wellbeing.

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The FitTrack Beebo maternity scale is available for purchase starting today on the company’s website for $129. Users can easily connect with Bluetooth, track goals against 17 health metrics, enable multiple users at once and stay connected as it syncs with Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit.

Sam Draper
August 10, 2020

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