Companies That Are Fueling the Growth of Femtech Industry

When we talk about femtech, issues that come to mind are pregnancy and menstruation. But now...

Elvie, a UK-based femtech hardware startup developed a wearable, wireless breast pump that fits inside of a standard nursing bra, allowing for hands-free pumping. Photo credit: Elvie

When we talk about femtech, issues that come to mind are pregnancy and menstruation. But now, femtech encompasses other aspects of women's health. A report by data research company PitchBook reveals that the femtech industry generated US$820.6 million and is on the patch to reach at least US$3 billion by the end of 2030. The huge amount of health issues that affect women differently than men is astounding, and there is an enormous demand that needs to be filled.

Various startups from across the globe are seeking to tackle the taboos surrounding issues like orgasm, menopause and sexual wellbeing, reports HTWorld.

Research from the International Academy of Sex Research found that 95% of heterosexual men usually or always orgasm during sex, compared to only 65% of heterosexual women. Emjoy, a Barcelona, Spain-based wellness company wants to close that ‘orgasm gap.’ The company’s Emjoy is the intimate self-care app for women by women. It’s an audio-based wellbeing app enabling women to explore their bodies, learn about their sexuality, arouse their minds, and feel empowered throughout their sex life. The app was launched globally in 2020. The app has over 150 audio sessions and sensual stories, developed by sex therapists and sexual wellbeing experts.

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“This is a topic that many people are hesitant or embarrassed to discuss,” says CEO and co-founder of Emjoy, Andrea Oliver. “This becomes a problem when you consider the multitude of studies that have found that sexual satisfaction directly correlates with positive physical and mental wellbeing.”

For women who want more insight and control over their bodies, kegg by Lady Technologies is the personal fertility specialist that gives you the information and resources you need to make better decisions. kegg is the first fertility tracking kegel device to help pinpoint women’s fertile window and ovulation up to 7 days in advance. The company leverages advanced sensor technology, known as impedance spectroscopy, to detect changes in vaginal fluids including cervical fluid. kegg can predict a more accurate and precise ovulation window in comparison to probability-based solutions so women all over the world can conceive naturally, faster.

Kristina Cahojova, Founder and CEO of Lady Technologies says: “We have created the first, easy to use modern medical device to help women manage their fertility with actionable data. Cervical fluid is a standard for determining women’s conception probabilities on a daily basis and kegg is the most convenient way to measure it. In the future, we want to look at other use cases that include infections, fertility tracking during postpartum and perimenopause.

Astinno is a London-based femtech startup that developed a wearable to detect hot flashes. The wearable, dubbed Grace, has sensors that can detect the onset of a hot flush, which include sweating, a rise in heart rate, shortness of breath and a reddening of the skin. The device then cools a women’s wrist to fight the reaction. In May, the company received an Innovate UK grant worth $450 thousand to further test its wearable.

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Hot flashes are the most common symptom of menopause and perimenopause. More than two-thirds of North American women who are heading into menopause have hot flashes. If you lose too much body heat, you might feel chilled afterward. Night sweats are hot flashes that happen at night, and they may disrupt your sleep.

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October 23, 2020

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