ArcX Smart Ring Lets You Control Your Phone Via Bluetooth

When you’re running or cycling, it’s difficult to answer call or change the song you’re listening...

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When you’re running or cycling, it’s difficult to answer call or change the song you’re listening to. ArcX decided to change all that. The company’s new smart ring works as a remote control for your phone. There’s a small joystick on the end of the ring, which allows you to answer calls, change tracks, or do just about any activity from your phone without it being a distraction.

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You can also place the ArcX inside a series of cases, which makes it easier to strap it to a handlebar or oar, as required. The ring can be used with any Bluetooth-controlled equipment, such as action cameras or wireless speakers. The device also comes with an Android and iOS app. This helps you set custom controls for your smartwatch or emergency alarm. The ring can last for up to 20 days on standby and five days on a single, hour-long charge.

The companion app is available free on both Android and iOS. It provides a host of customizable options and additional features such as a stopwatch, emergency SOS call function as well as the ability to connect with other sports-based Apps, reports EndGadget.

Each ArcX ships with four, stretch fit, outer rings, and a strap mount. Find the right size for you and insert the tech module. A charging clip and carry case are also included. ArcX rings are available in three colors: Cobalt, Graphite, and Fire.

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ArcX founder Paul Blair said that he got the idea for the ring while on a skiing holiday with a friend, who was injured on the slopes. Blair is a decorated British Army paratrooper with more than 20 years of service.

ArcX is expected to launch in the US this May, priced at $99, as well as in the European Union for €89.

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March 3, 2021

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