Apple AirPods Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Which earbuds are Better?

Since its release, the AirPods have been maintaining its status as premium wireless earbuds, But...

Since its release, the AirPods have been maintaining its status as premium wireless earbuds, But now Samsung wants to beat Apple with its Galaxy Buds Live. Since the two tech giants are no strangers to fierce rivalry, let’s find out who becomes the winner when it comes to earbuds.

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Apple’s devices are always a bit pricier than its competitors’ and the same goes for its AirPods.

Design and Comfort

Galaxy Buds Live are without a doubt more comfortable and better-looking than AirPods. Their bean-like design really complements your ear, but AirPods Pro, with their stems, are easier to take in and out of your ears, and their rubber tips allow them to fit in most people’s ears easily.

Noise Cancelling

Both of AirPods and Galaxy Buds Live sound good. But the Galaxy Buds Live have a much more dynamic sound profile when left on default settings. The AirPods Pro on the other hand, sound more neutral, with less bass, reports CNet.

Voice Assistants (Both have same features)

You can give enjoy a hands-free experience with Siri when you’re using an iPhone. Also, when using Galaxy Buds Live, you can summon Samsung's smart assistant Bixby while you’re using a Samsung phone. These voice assistants can give you the news on the weather, play music, or send messages to a friend, entirely hands-free. The voice assistants can also be triggered via a touch gesture on both the AirPods Pro and Buds Live.

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Comparing Price and Other Features

AirPods Pro:     

Price: $249

Colors: White

Weight: .19 ounces

Battery life: 4.5 hours (24 hrs. with charging case)

Water resistance: IPX4 water and sweat resistance

Other features: Adaptive EQ, Customizable fit, Audio sharing, Wireless charging, Spatial audio

Galaxy Buds Live:        

Price: $169

Colors: White, Black, Bronze

Weight: .19 ounces

Battery life: 6 hours (ANC on), 21 hours with charging case

Water resistance: IPX2 water and sweat resistance

Other features: EQ, Spotify integration, Game mode, Music share, Wireless charging

Sam Draper
November 16, 2020

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