Alex Honnold Reveals His Favorite Gadgets

Legendary climber Alex Honnold recently discussed his favorite wearables for climbing.

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Among the world's top and most well-known rock climbers is Alex Honnold. Many movies have been made on his historic climbs, like as the critically acclaimed documentary "Free Solo," which chronicles his quest to scale El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without the use of ropes.

Now, Honnold is making a comeback to television with Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold, a three-part Disney Plus series in which he attempts to scale the 4,000-foot Ingmikortilaq sea cliff in Greenland with a team of scientists. Before the show's February 4 debut, TechRadar had an interview with Honnold, and TechRadar’s Alex Metz used the chance to question the star about the wearable technology he brings with him on his daring climbs.

“Personally, I wear Whoop,” Honnold told TechRadar, “because I’m sponsored by Whoop and I’ve used them for a bit. I also use a Coros watch sometimes for tracking specific activities, as well as for the GPS, for navigating stuff.

“I’m also using the Levels app right now, the continuous glucose monitor. I’ve been using that for like a month, just to try it out, and see what it’s all about. And I actually have learned a bit about diet [from using Levels]. I’ve obviously tracked my diet in different ways throughout my whole life, I’ve tried to learn different things, and using a glucose monitor has definitely proven another helpful tool.

“But now I kind of feel like a freak,” Honnold laughs, “because I’ve had to sync all of those different things – the Whoop, the Coros, the Levels app, and so on – through Apple Health so that the Levels app will automatically import activities. It’s all a bit too much, so I’m pretty sure that in about a month or two I’ll go back in the other direction and drop all of it. I’ll just keep a general sense of how much activity I do each day using a timer.”


Whoop is a great tool for everyone who wants to maximize their sleep and training schedules. The display-free gadget shows a plethora of health-related information, and the Whoop algorithm considers a number of variables before calculating results. These variables include your temperature, heart-rate variability, sleep quality the night before, menstrual cycle stage, and much more.

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The North Face Route Rocket 16 Backpack
As someone who has worked with The North Face for years, Honnold suggests this all-purpose, adaptable pack whether you're traveling by plane or covering long distances across the mountains. “The Route Rocket specifically I like because it’s the right middle ground between having enough structure that it’s comfortable but still light enough,” he says. “There are a lot of really light bags, but then they have no structure to them, so when you put climbing gear or shoes or things into them, it digs into your back.”


COROS' Heart Rate Monitor integrates advanced multi-channel optical sensors for precise tracking, automatically transmitting heart rate data to three Bluetooth Enabled Devices. With a durable rechargeable battery offering 38 hours of recording and 80 days in standby mode, the monitor features a comfortable fabric band and a low-profile design for seamless wear and minimal distraction during workouts. Easier to wear than a chest strap, the Heart Rate Monitor's soft fabric band secures comfortably around the user's arm with a textured grip, ensuring a low-profile design that won't snag on clothing or gym equipment, allowing users to concentrate on their performance.

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February 9, 2024

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