Yacine Achiakh

CEO and Co Founder


Yacine Achiakh is a French entrepreneur and co-founder of Wisear, a company specializing in innovative human-machine interfaces. With extensive experience in product management and AI, he co-founded Wisear to provide hands-free controls for wearable technology. Yacine and his partner Alain Sirois developed an AI-based product that generated over $100 million in revenue at Criteo. Their vision for a better human-machine interface, combined with their passion for innovation, led them to create Wisear, a leading company in developing the next generation of wearable technology controls. After meeting with Neuralink engineers, they aim to develop neural interfaces that allow users to control their devices without the need of invasive brain implants, offering accessible, private, high speed and seamless interactions with our audio, AR or VR devices.