Xavier Bonjour

Marketing & Partnerships Director


Xavier Bonjour is the Marketing & Partnerships Director at MicroOLED, a leading provider of micro-displays, heading up the deployment of ActiveLook®, a proprietary “Lite AR” sports glasses technology, that provides the lowest-power heads-up display module to the eyewear industry currently on the market. Bonjour has over 25 years of experience in consumer electronics technologies, having previously held several senior executive positions with Technicolor, LG, and Philips, and has served as a board member at Movea, a start-up focusing on motion-sensing data fusion, (successfully sold to TDK). Prior to MicroOLED, Xavier was the Founder and CEO of 3D Sound Labs, a startup company that launched the first 3D audio headphones and provided other personalized audio solutions to the VR/AR market. Bonjour holds a Master of Science degree in digital technology from Heriot-Watt University, and a Master of Engineering from ESIEE. He also graduated from the Entrepreneurship Program at ESCP.