Vivek Ranchhodbhai Patel

Founder and Chief of Product

Kali MedTech

Vivek Patel is an India entrepreneur and Founder innovative Health and AI Startups. Completed his Education in Computer Science in USA at USC Los Angeles and Worked for Yahoo and Microsoft with expertise on Data Analytics, Data Mining, IOT Sensors, Information Dissemination, Intelligent Internet, ML and NLP Intelligence, Frequency Capping Algorithms . He has contributed significantly to the development of innovative business models in health services, Creating a Value based Evidence Driven Health Algorithms with implementation done in ICT Platforms across India and Africa and Medical Device research and Development. With extensive
experience in product management and AI, he founded Kali MedTech with a product “OOM” a continuous cardiac arrythmia monitoring patch a wearable and clinically approved product for continuous cardiac care monitoring. He is a Visiting Associate Professor at Neomed Medical School in Ohio, USA to bring Global
Innovation and Research to address Medical Clinical Understanding and Knowledge towards developing IOT Sensors , Deeptech Models and Wearables for Medical Usage. Aim is to use clinical science to monitoring mechanism.