Vitali Karpeichyk

CEO and Founder

PigPug Inc.

As the CEO and Founder of PigPug Health, I am dedicated to improving the lives of children with ADHD and autism through our innovative AI telemedicine drug-free brain-training platform. Drawing on my extensive experience as a developer and serial entrepreneur, including as CTO of Nito, which was acquired by AOL in 2016, I am passionate about leveraging technology to create positive change.

As someone who has been diagnosed with ADHD and autism from a young age, I have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by these children and their families. This personal experience has inspired me to develop a solution that empowers children to overcome difficulties and reach their full potential.

At PigPug Health, we are committed to creating a world where all children have access to the resources they need to thrive. Join us on this journey to transform the lives of children with ADHD and autism through the power of innovative technology.