Stephanie Muhlenfeld



Stephanie Muhlenfeld is the CEO of The Squad Nation, an innovation group focused on delivering cutting-edge design and impactful innovation solutions. Stephanie is an expert in weaving together data and design to create innovative close to body garments, wearable soft goods, and apparel designs through tailored virtual and physical pipelines.

Stephanie gleans her expertise from 20+ years in the apparel, athleisure, bras, and sports industries. She is an inventor on 9+ published patents with major brands and continues to innovate for her clients.  While Stephanie is a multi-disciplinary product creation, design, and technical design expert she also holds certifications as a PMP and Scrum Master. Organizations hire Stephanie and The Squad because of their implementable agile strategies that transform data to design solutions utilizing digital transformation, optimization, and hybrid processes to deliver physical devices and digital experiences from concept to commercialization.

Stephanie built The Squad Nation as a dispersed company 4 years ago and is an incorporated group of top-dynamic talent from around the world, from designers, industrial designers, technical designers, product creation experts, supply chain experts, material innovators, and an elite virtual team.

When Stephanie is able to find leisure time in her schedule, she is an avid paddle boarder, traveler, dog lover … and a really slow runner.”