Simon van der Jagt

General Manager Nowi & Business Strategy BG A&L


Simon van der Jagt co-founded Nowi in the Netherlands in 2016, a startup focused on energy harvesting power management IC. He served as the CEO until its acquisition by Nexperia in Q4 2022. Nowi achieved notable success, winning several innovation awards and securing $12M in funding. They developed an innovative power management IC for energy harvesting, enabling superior performance in a smaller, cost-effective, and simplified manner.
Recognizing the potential of Nowi's technology, Nexperia seized the opportunity for further development and commercial expansion. The collaboration between the two companies has facilitated the enhancement and diversification of their offerings in the rapidly growing field of energy harvesting, meeting the rising demand for sustainable and user-friendly power solutions across various industries.

Nexperia's energy harvesting technology offers key advantages, such as extending battery life or eliminating the need for batteries altogether by harnessing energy from ambient sources. This enables the creation of more sustainable products with improved user experiences. Devices incorporating this technology can operate independently without relying on external power sources, making them ideal for applications ranging from wearables to IoT devices.