Shea Gerhardt


Buderflys Technologies, Inc.

Learning and being inspired by the ideas of great thinkers is my fuel and essentially my inspiration behind creating Buderflys, an earbud that is comfortable enough to binge content all. day. long.

Prior to Buderflys Tech, Inc - I've spent nearly two decades in executive roles in the mobile, gaming, and music industries. Having worked with major music labels including Universal, Sony, EMI, and Warner Bros. as well as some of the world’s largest mobile wireless companies including VZW, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Vodafone, I've built my career on the ability to develop a clear and focused path to cutting through the noise in crowded and stale industries and growing business where user-centric products are king.  

It was back in 2016, on the slopes of Colorado where I came to the literal and figurative painful realization that the constant friction from today’s earbuds design did not deliver the experience I needed. Knowing that the discomfort of the traditional earbuds is the top complaint from users in this $30B industry, I led that amazing Buderflys team of experts to spend the past four years solving this pain point. A product that solves the top complaint in the earphone industry and one in which no one thought was possible. Plus, we are building the first on-the-go productivity tool using the earbud as the platform.