Pablo Dörig, PhD


Nanoloeq AG

Dr. Pablo Dörig is responsible for the customer-facing teams in product, marketing, and sales at Nanoleq. Holding both a biomedical engineering PhD and a business degree, he has contributed for over 10 years to the growth of deep-tech products with the potential to make the world a bit better.

Now with Oxa - a wearable breathing trainer that breaks the vicious cycle of stress and bad sleep. One on hand Oxa aims to support countless people suffering e.g. from anxiety or burnout. On the other hand Oxa's technology is best-in-class and ready for integration into other solutions. From textile electronics to a comfortable ECG, highest quality breathing signals, and more.

Pablo aims to connect with people and companies in the areas of smart textiles, wellness, and wellbeing technology, as well as remote monitoring.