PD Dr. med. Roman Schniepp

Specialist in neurology, special intensive care medicine, emergency medicine

LMU München, Campus Großhadern, Klinik Neurologie und Intensivmedizin

Roman Schniepp works as consultant neurologist at the Klinikum Großhadern, LMU Munich, with specialization in Intensive Care Medicine and Emergency Medicine.

In addition, he is head of the scientific research group for Human Movement Disorders/Gait and Stance Disorders as well as for Medical Sensor Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

His scientific career focussed on the development of AI-supported medical decision supporting systems, granted among others by the Eugen Münch Prize 2020. He aquired a total of €1.8 million in third-party funding for projects in the field of neurological and intensive medical research (e.g. BMBF, FöFoLe, DFG, GSN).

Roman Schniepp is engaged in Mountain Rescue Medicine in the German Mountain Rescue Society (Bergwacht Bayern).