Paul Eaimkhong, Ph.D.


Siriraj Hospital and Tiim Healthcare

Dr. Eaimkhong received his PhD in chemistry & biochemistry focusing on bio-nanotechnology from UCLA. He worked as a scientist and manager at two start-ups: Matrix Sensor & B2P Global to develop novel biosensing platforms before joining a global life-science management consulting firm in California and Singapore. He has been working closely with many large pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical companies to develop business, market access and regulatory strategies. He also involved in commercialization and clinical development of biopharmaceutical products and medical devices for treatment in oncology, ophthalmology, and central nervous system.

In addition, Paul specializes in technology commercialization in healthcare, life science and biotech and worked with companies throughout Southeast Asia. He also plays an important role in entrepreneurial community in Thailand and served as an advisor to many technology companies and medical schools to promote translational research.

Currently he is an advisor for clinical evaluation of the effectiveness of aiTriage for patients with chest pain, which has the potential to reduce their visit time in emergency care ran by Siriraj Hospital and Tiim Healthcare.