Nimesha Ranasinghe (PhD)

Assistant Professor, University of Maine | Co-Founder and CTO, FlaVR Labs Inc.

University of Maine | FlaVR Labs Inc.

Nimesha Ranasinghe is an Assistant Professor at the University of Maine and Co-founder of the FlaVR Labs Inc. Dr. Ranasinghe’s research interests include Multisensory Interactive Media, Human-Computer Interaction, Augmented and Virtual Reality. He is well-known for his Digital Taste (a.k.a. Virtual Flavors) and Virtual Cocktail (Vocktail) inventions and featured in numerous media around the world including New Scientist, New York Times, Time Magazine, BBC Radio, Discovery Channel, and Reuters. Furthermore, he has published his work in several prestigious academic conferences and journals including ACM conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), ACM conference on Multimedia, and Journal of Human-Computer Studies. He has received numerous awards for his research works; in 2014 his work on Digital Lollipop was selected as one of the ten best innovations in the world by the netexplo forum in UNESCO HQ, Paris.