Minhyeok Ha



Hello, I am a mechanical engineering student from Korea and an entrepreneur. I've been dedicated to researching ways to enhance the immersion and realism of virtual reality (VR) since middle school. This journey culminated in 2023 with the development of MASS-FEEL, an innovative technology that allows users to experience true weight and force within virtual environments, enabling more realistic physical interactions. This not only enhances the VR experience but also opens up new possibilities for user engagement.

I founded REALIMERSE to bring this technology to the forefront of VR innovation. We are exploring applications across various fields, including education, training, and entertainment, aiming to revolutionize how people learn and engage with digital content. Our collaboration with
industries seeks to expand the applications of MASS-FEEL technology, making virtual training and simulations more effective and immersive. At REALIMERSE, we envision a future where VR transcends mere entertainment, becoming an integral part of daily life and professional environments. Our goal is not just technological
advancement, but improving the quality of life and opening new horizons for experiences through our innovations. Join us on this exciting journey as we bridge the gap between virtual and reality.