Maros Halama



Maros obtained M.Sc. in Chemistry at UPJS Kosice (partially Aristotle Uni. of Thessaloniki) and PhD. at TUKE in Material Science. He coordinated several European projects and cooperated with Technische Univesität Wien, TVFA Institute, IST Lisboa, Fraunhofer IST and others. He was invited researcher and lecturer at Ecole Nationale de Chemie Paris-Tech, KIMab Stockholm, CEST Wiener Neustadt, Uni. Barcelona, Institute for Work and Health in Lausanne, World Trade Center Moscow, Martin-Luther Uni. Halle-Wittenberg, Westfälische Wilhelms. Munster, Kurt-Schwabe Mittweida, AAMC Miami, World Trade Center Dubai, Global Science & Technology Forum in Singapore, Nanotech in Tokyo, Uni. Seville, MCI Innsbruck, SIPS Symposium, European Defence Agency and others. Since 2006 he took part in several European Science Foundation's annual trainings on advanced materials, nanobiotechnology, nanomedicine, nanosafety.