Mark Melnykowycz

Lead Product Designer

IDUN Technologies AG

Mark holds degrees in materials science (MSc. Michigan State University) and mechanical engineering (Dr. sc. ETH Zurich). He has worked in the development of various technology and sensor products including smart catheters (Medyria AG), connected cars (Carhub / Mullen Technologies), wearable strain sensors (EMPA Materials Science and Technology), and patient journey characterization based on artificial intelligence.

Mark is focused on creating seamless interfaces between humans and technology, building systems that combine user experience, sensors, and artificial intelligence to deliver new and enhanced experiences. As Lead Product Designer at IDUN Technologies AG, he develops neurotechnology and ear computing products that make brain-computer interfaces part of everyday life.

He supports the neurotechnology ecosystem as chapter lead of NeurotechX Zurich and is part of the Foresight Institute Neurotechnology TechTree project team. Mark enjoys contributing to hackathons as a mentor including THE Port Humanitarian Hackathon at CERN, SciFilmIt (science filmmaking), and NeurotechX events.