Linda Jacobson

Marketing Director

HaptX, Inc.

Linda Jacobson recently joined HaptX for the opportunity to contribute to the development and use of haptics technology. Previously, as co-founding editor of Wired, human-computer interface patent writer and book author, co-founder of Northern California’s first virtual reality user group, tech industry’s first virtual reality evangelist, and enterprise VR production studio head, Linda has helped create and grow the global, commercial VR industry ecosystem. Since 2009 Linda’s research interests have centered on VR digital therapeutics and eldercare training, with multiple successful company and product launches. She is a former co-host of the syndicated radio show, “On Computers” and recently was a featured voice in the acclaimed podcast series, “A Brief History of the Metaverse.” Linda is director emeritus of the Virtual World Society, and a member of the International Academic Honor & Professional Society in Gerontology.