Juanita Dion-Chiang

VP of Product, Developer Experience, Ecosystems, and Partnerships

Zepp Health

Juanita Dion-Chiang is a versatile product executive with over two decades of proficiency across various sectors, including smart wearables, smart watches, health and wellness, e-commerce, digital products, customer engagement, customer success, and strategic partnerships.

Her career trajectory started with notable contributions to large enterprises like IBM, where she worked across various sectors from System Z, information management systems, to IBM Cloud integrated with Watson AI’s cognitive capabilities. She delivered open-source cloud platform solutions and cultivated a developers’ ecosystem, enhancing the developer experience through APIs and toolings to benefit startup communities.

Subsequently, she transitioned into the Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) environment, serving customers directly. Her expertise extends to Business-to-Business-to-Consumer (B2B2C) models. As Vice President of Products at Zepp Health, she applies her vast knowledge and passion to instigate innovation and generate impactful solutions within these fast-evolving sectors. Her unique approach to leveraging health enterprise data marks her as an innovative leader fervently committed to the progression of healthcare technology.