Hélène Lefebvre

General Manager


Hélène Lefebvre is the General Manager of Eclypia, a start-up developping a wearable non-invasive glucose sensor leveraging on the Quantum Cascade Lasers technology. In this role, she leads Eclypia's development strategy, manages the company's overall operations, overseeing several business elements.
She graduated from ESPCI ParisTech in 2010. She then received a PhD in biotechnologies from Université Technologique de Compiègne in 2013. Before instigating Eclypia, she worked as a project manager and product owner at Diabeloop, getting acquainted with regulatory and standards environment along with the complexity tied up with medical device development. Hélène also worked at Dow Chemical (Netherland) coordinating multidisciplinary projects and leading the Young Researcher network. Passionate about innovation, she is fond of turning projects into products, identifying opportunities, defining and sharing a product strategy to meet user expectations and improve patients experience.