Dr. Rajani K. Vijayaraghavan

Assistant Professor

Dublin City University

Dr. Rajani Vijayaraghavan is an assistant professor at the school of Electronic Engineering, Dublin City University, Ireland, and a principal investigator at the National Centre for Plasma Science & Technology (NCPST). She holds a master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Physics and a Ph.D. in materials science. She has significant expertise in developing a wide range of plasma-based technologies for advanced functional nanomaterials synthesis, processing, functionalization, and device fabrication areas. She is responsible for numerous innovations including the development of wearable technology for UV exposure monitoring, plasma-based 2D materials growth technology for anticoagulation applications, etc. Her research interest includes 3D printed optoelectronics and photodetectors, advanced functional nanomaterials development, and device fabrication, for sensors, biomedical and energy applications.