Dr. Ilker Hacihaliloglu

Co-founder / CTO


Dr. Ilker Hacihaliloglu has been developing Medtech for over 15 years as a Prof. at Rutgers University (USA) and the University of British Columbia (Canada). His research is aimed at developing innovative machine-learning methods for processing various medical image data with a clinical focus on neurosurgery, liver disease, orthopedic surgery, lung disease, and interventional radiology. A core mission of his research is to drive innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) toward industrial and clinical services and products. With a long-standing track record of working collaboratively with clinicians, his research aims to diminish the gap between exploratory engineering research and clinical research and bring technologies from bench-to-bed-side. He is specifically interested in decentralizing healthcare (out-of-hospital care) by applying point-of-care ultrasound for out-of-hospital risk assessment to enable more personal, accessible, and connected healthcare. He is considered a pioneer in this domain.