Cheng-Hua WU


FREE Bionics Taiwan

Mr. WU Cheng-Hua is the Founder and CEO of FREE Bionics Taiwan, who leads groundbreaking progress in exoskeleton robotics research over the past years.

Recognizing the pressing need to assist the millions population facing mobility limitations, Mr. WU and his team had produced the idea of “FREE Walk”, Taiwan's first designed exoskeleton robot. This innovation earned them prestigious recognition with the R&D 100 Awards in 2016. Under his leadership, FREE Bionics introduces a visionary concept: the “world's first data-driven exoskeleton system”. This comprehensive solution comprises the joint activity training robot “NimBO”, and the lower limb exoskeleton robot “FREE Walk”, emphasizing precise data analysis to deliver personalized and effective rehabilitation experiences. WU has played pivotal roles with over a decade of experience in the field of advancing robotic systems, his dedication to innovation and expertise in robotics continue to shape the future of exoskeleton robot system, driving advancements in technology and human-machine interaction for the betterment of society.