Bhanusith Chomana

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ever Medical Technologies

Since he was 13, Panusith’s developed passion for technology and involved in programming to create software solutions in gaming industry, which later turned into first business operation before pursuing opportunities in finance and healthcare. In 2015, he founded Ever Medical Technologies, a company focused on deep-tech development utilizing blockchain technology to revolutionize data management to create highest impact in healthcare industry.

He has run Ever Medical Technologies as CEO since 2017, amassing over 100 employees from across the world. With its team of pioneering doctors and world class engineers, Ever is working to transform and enable healthcare industry’s technological limitation by utilizing cutting edge technologies such as AI/Machine learning, blockchain, and bioinformatics to accelerate novel discoveries and developments in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical industries.

Today Ever works with the I-DAIR, NASA BSA, and as a cohort of the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator to revolutionize the medical industry. More than 2.4m patients and 100 hospitals are now connected on the Ever Network in Thailand, allowing safe and secure shared access to invaluable medical data