Alexander Frigon

Digital Health, Materials Engineer

W.L. Gore & Associates

I’m a materials engineer focused on new product exploration as technical team member at W.L. Gore’s Innovation Center in Santa Clara, CA. My focus is researching and developing new technologies for digital health applications employed both inside and outside of the body. Leveraging my expertise in polymer science/plastics processing with deep knowledge of Gore’s material capabilities I’m searching for innovative ways to address materials challenges in emerging digital health technology.

Utilizing the Gore Innovation Center Lab, I collaborate with Gore’s internal materials experts and external technology developers to integrate and test Gore materials solutions. Iterating on integration techniques and designing experimentation around materials properties when building and testing prototypes allows me to generate an understanding of the critical parameters impacting device performance.

I spent 8 years in Gore’s Core Technology division engaged in process engineer & new product development with primary expertise in the manufacturing of fluoropolymer based thin film composite. I’ve spent the majority of my career there leading process development and validation projects to commercialize new materials products supplying class III implantable medical devices. I regularly practiced statistical process control, statistical experimental design, and data analysis. I’ve been closely involved in analytical characterization of these products to identify, optimize, and control significant process parameters, targeting improvements in process stability and capability.

Contact Alex: afrigon@wlgore.com