RealWear Navigator Z1 for Frontline Operations

The Navigator Z1 a new product that streamlines the company's array of frequently used XR products.

Image Credits: RealWear

Solutions for assisted reality are becoming increasingly popular among front-line employees. RealWear is a business that is at the forefront of the AR revolution. The company promotes a wide range of headgear products that let employees use immersive visuals while working hands-free.  

The Navigator Z1 is a new product from RealWear that streamlines the company's array of frequently used XR products for frontline employees, reports XRToday.

The RealWear Navigator Z1 is an innovation created specifically for frontline personnel, especially those working in hazardous areas like the oil and gas industry. It is not simply another piece of technology. This technology has AI capabilities and focuses on efficiency, safety, and hands-free solutions.

The RealWear Navigator 520 with enhanced security, which was created for the oil and gas industry, offers the advantages of hands-free operation even in potentially explosive conditions. The RealWear Navigator Z1 is ready for both current and future uses because it has the newest AI chip.

“With the launch of RealWear Navigator Z1, we’re offering the smartest and lightest IS wearable with integrated battery available to frontline workers who work in some of the most challenging sites on earth,” says Dr Chris Parkinson, Co-Founder and CEO of RealWear.

Additionally, Parkinson said that frontline staff members are currently frequently "outfitted, frankly, with ineffective or old equipment."

RealWear's ambition in expanding the adoption of AR gear among enterprise clients is further demonstrated by the launching of the Navigator Z1, which also makes improvements to business operations possible by introducing new immersive means of communication and collaboration.  

“In addition to the extensive range of upgrades of our latest headset, we’re especially keen to introduce AI Core and 5G IS connectivity to create a new frontier of smart, connected wearable solutions for frontline workers,” Parkinson added.

What’s new in RealWear Z1?

The new product from RealWear is equipped with a number of cutting-edge capabilities that take the company's XR services to the next level. The Navigator Z1 also runs on the business-grade Android 12 OS, which enables the device to run a wide range of integrated office applications.

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The Qualcomm 6490 chipset is also used by RealWear's new device, enabling innovative capabilities like AI integration. Additionally, the robust gadgets give staff members easy access to immersive collaboration tools that seamlessly adapt to an operator's present workflow and offer peer-provided remote expert mentoring and training.

Through novel new design elements, such as: the RealWear Navigator Z1 gadget offers its own brand of immersive remote expert guidance and virtual training resources, including:

·       RealWear XR landscapes can now be explored and interacted with using the AI Core technology. The AI features give employees the ability to take advantage of newly enhanced Field Services Management (FSM)corporate systems to order new equipment swiftly and safely for maintenance tasks.

·       Better form factor and lightweight.

·       Enhanced screen visibility for AR graphics with a 720p display.  

·       A front-facing camera with excellent quality (48MP),

·       The Navigator Z1's wider temperature range enhances the device's visibility and toughness, making it suitable for more industrial settings.

·       The effectiveness of voice-activated inputs is improved through enhanced noise cancellation.

·       Wi-Fi 6 and a 5G IS connectivity option are both available. Furthermore, RealWear's enhanced networking possibilities are safe for both private and business use.

·       Operators can attach the thermal camera that comes with the modular device to the Navigator Z1 headset to see invisible equipment problems before they become severe.

·       According to RealWear, the Navigator Z1's modular design also offers a detachable "snag-free" battery cover, which improves safety for prolonged use.

·       The Navigator Z1 device is safe and useable in industrial settings such as oil and gas, mining, pharmaceuticals, wheat mills,and textile mills thanks to ATEX Zone 1, CSA C1/D1, and IECEx certifications.

The Navigator Z1 headset from RealWear also includes the company's first-party cloud web portal, which gives device administrators a virtual hub for approving headset application requests, changing a number of device system settings, and remotely connecting to a Navigator Z1 headset for remote device troubleshooting procedures.

Sam Draper
September 18, 2023

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