Peloton Launches New Wearable Heart Rate Monitor

Peloton announced that it is releasing a new wearable Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

Image: Peloton

Peloton announced that it is releasing a new wearable Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Unlike its existing chest strap, the Peloton Heart Rate Band is meant to be worn on a user’s forearm and features optical heart rate sensors.

The arm band, which retails for $90, uses optical sensors to detect heart rate and features five LED lights to show heart rate zone, Bluetooth connectivity status and battery charge.

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If your heart rate monitor is ANT+ compatible, the metric for your heart rate will automatically appear in the top left of your touchscreen. Please note, your heart rate monitor must be on prior to starting the class. To make sure your heart rate monitor is on, ensure the sensors are lightly wet (with water or sweat) before placing the leads on your chest.

The company also offers a chest-worn heart rate monitor that’s currently selling for $34.

The armband has been rumored for some time now. Bloomberg first reported that Peloton was working on the device back in June 2021 as part of a wearables push.

Unlike Peloton’s chest strap, the Heart Rate Band doesn’t support ANT+, meaning it may not work with some non-Peloton equipment. If you plan to use it exclusively with Peloton’s machines, that won’t be an issue, but if you want to pair it with other devices, make sure they support Bluetooth.

The peloton heart rate monitor exchange data using the ANT+ and BLE technology, which is a low-energy wireless protocol meant to collect and transfer data with other sensors. Then, the peloton bike and tread collect, analyze and interpret this data on the computer.

Image: Peloton

Battery life

According to the company, the band offers up to 10 hours of battery life on a charge, which should be enough for several workouts. However, it doesn’t last quite as long as some competitors—the Wahoo Tickr Fit promises 35 hours of battery life on a charge, while the Polar Verity Sense offers up to 30 hours.

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How To Use the Peloton Heart Rate Band

To set up the Peloton Heart Rate Band, plug the charger in and place the pod on top to wake it; the LED lights on the display will show its battery level. When fully charged, all five LEDs on the band will shine blue. If the band is asleep, firmly press the LEDs to see the battery level and put the device into pairing mode. Once charged, snap the pod into the armband, reports PC Mag.

Before you start your work out, just fasten the band around your forearm, three to four finger widths from your elbow crease. Make sure, it’s snug enough to stay put, but not so tight that it hurts or cuts off your circulation. Finally, log into your Peloton machine and the Heart Rate Band should pair automatically.

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February 7, 2022

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