Onyx Boox Tab Ultra Features Color ePaper Screen

Onyx has launched Boox Tab Ultra, an E-reader with a large 10.3” screen, a high-performance hardware

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Onyx is still fighting for e-reading, however, it might be more accurate to refer to its products as E Ink Android tablets given that they don't have the same locked-down operating systems as reMarkable's tablets or Amazon's Kindle e-readers. The Boox Tab Ultra C, is one of Onyx's most recent models.

The Boox Tab Ultra, which was introduced in April, is essentially a colored variant of the ReMarkable 2 or the Kindle Scribe digital tablets from Amazon. Similar features are available on the Tab Mini C, which is smaller and more portable.

You receive a 7.8-inch Kaleido 3 E Ink screen instead of a10.3-inch ePaper display, which can display 4,096 colors at 150 PPI (702 x 936)resolution or 300 PPI (1,404 x 1,872) for text and graphics in black and white, reports NewAtlas.

According to Onyx, the small tablet was created "to enhance the enjoyment of reading colorful novels, manga, web pages, and other content." The capacitive touch display offers 4,096 pressure sensitivity levels, Boox Super Refresh Technology is built-in for four task-optimized refresh modes, and there is a dual-tone front light to promote work after hours. The company's Pen Plus stylus is included with the tablet and may be used for note-taking, highlighting, and on-screen navigation.

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In order to deliver on the promise of quick and responsive onscreen performance, the snappy Qualcomm Advanced octa-core processor and "exclusive GPU" are supported by 4 GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 64 GB of UFS2.1 storage. The Tab Mini C has two speakers that can rock out to audiobooks, Android 11 with compatibility for third-party apps, a gyro for automatic screen rotation, Bluetooth 5.0, and dual-band Wi-Fi.

The 5,000-mAh battery should last for a very long time between top-ups thanks to the low power consumption of E Ink, and the ergonomic black metal shell is said to be suitable for "prolonged reading sessions without causing fatigue in the hands." The small tablet measures 0.33 in(8.3 mm) thick and weighs 9.3 oz (264 g) in total.

The Tab Mini C is available now for US$449.99, including the pen stylus and a magnetic cover.

Sam Draper
July 28, 2023

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