November 2023: Linxens

Linxens Combines Skin Adhesive Technology and Biosensors for Cutting-Edge Medical Wearables.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, one company is taking bold strides toward revolutionizing patient monitoring and the way we interact with our health. Linxens, a global leader in skin adhesive technology and biosensors, is at the forefront of innovation with a vision that's changing the face of medical wearables.

The Power of Biosensors in Healthcare

In recent years, biosensors have emerged as powerful tools in medical diagnostics. These devices seamlessly blend biological elements with transducers to detect specific compounds. Enzymes, antibodies, DNA, or whole cells serve as the biological components, interacting with the target analyte to generate a measurable signal. The transducer then converts this signal into a form that offers real-time information about the analyte's concentration.

Within the world of biosensors, electrochemical sensors are gaining prominence due to their high specificity and sensitivity. These sensors are not only cost-effective but also easy to design, especially when compared to traditional lateral flow assays. Originally associated with glucose monitoring for diabetes, electrochemical sensors have expanded their reach to include point-of-care testing for infectious diseases, chronic conditions, and continuous monitoring using devices like Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM).

The Rise of Medical Wearables

Simultaneously, the realm of medical wearables has seen remarkable growth. Initially popularized by the advent of smartwatches, the scope of medical-grade wearables has expanded dramatically. These devices, designed for functions such as heart monitoring (ECG), sleep tracking, and vital sign monitoring, are now made possible through the development of biocompatible materials specifically tailored for medical applications.

Linxens: The Pioneers in Medical Sensors

Linxens embarked on its journey in the world of medical sensors by specializing in designing and manufacturing electrochemical sensors for blood gas monitoring. These sensors play a vital role in Siemens Healthineers' EPOC system. Over time, Linxens has honed its ability to offer custom-designed electrochemical sensors with various materials, designs, and applications. A unique aspect of their approach is their commitment to considering mass production as part of the development process to control costs effectively.

In 2022, Linxens took a significant leap forward by acquiring NILE AB, a Swedish-based company known for designing and mass-producing medical wearables for the In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) industry.

The Linxens Advantage: Custom Wearables for Diverse Monitoring Needs

The merger of these two capabilities has enabled Linxens to extend its services to startups and the IVD industry, offering a wider array of biosensors in wearable applications. Linxens now can design, prototype, and manufacture unique solutions that can remain comfortably on the body for weeks, measuring a diverse range of signals, including heart rate, brain activity, pressure, temperature, pH, liquid composition, UV exposure, and biomolecule concentrations.

What makes Linxens stand out is its ability to adapt electrochemical sensors through various functionalization methods, including enzymes, oligonucleotides, aptamers, ions, and antibodies. Moreover, they've managed to develop a form factor for sweat collection using microfluidic channels, which can be incorporated into arm-band devices or directly into stick-to-skin wearables with microfluidics embedded into the adhesive.

Applications and Products Redefining Healthcare

Linxens' innovation goes beyond just wearables. Their offerings span a wide spectrum of applications aimed at enhancing and accelerating the development of new solutions for connected health and remote monitoring. With over 500 million medical electrodes produced and more than 15 million medical wearables delivered, Linxens combines expertise and innovation to ensure that product designs meet rigorous medical standards while keeping costs under control for expected mass-volume production.

  1. Remote Patient Monitoring: Stick-to-skin wearables, as envisioned by Linxens, offer numerous advantages. They enable continuous and real-time monitoring of key physiological parameters, thereby facilitating remote patient management and early detection of potential health issues. This approach ultimately leads to reduced hospitalization stays and improved patient outcomes.
  1. Track & Trace: In addition to their advancements in medical wearables, Linxens specializes in technical RFID tags and labels customized for demanding applications. These tags boast exceptional performance, even in high-temperature and challenging environments, making them invaluable for various tracking and tracing needs.
  1. Stick-to-Skin Wearables for Cardiopathies: Continuous and non-invasive monitoring of Cardiopathies with wearables allows personalized treatment planning, early detection, and intervention, improved patient outcomes, and better comfort for users.
  1. Biosensor: Electrochemical sensors, Linxens' specialty, are customizable biosensors capturing signals from multiple sources. Throughout the process, Linxens provides comprehensive support and advice on electrode design, metal selection, assembly, and mass production, forming a unique service offering that aims to accelerate the development of connected health and remote monitoring solutions.

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November 1, 2023


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