Libre’s MAVID Now Powers Hansong’s New Generation of Connected Speakers

Libre Wireless Technologies, an embedded Wi-Fi/wireless technology hardware....

Libre Wireless Technologies, an embedded Wi-Fi/wireless technology hardware and software solutions provider, announced their MAVID low power mic-to-cloud platform is now powering Hansong’s Microdot XS, a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth audio speaker with a no compromise far field voice interface featuring Amazon Alexa Built-In.

Hansong Technology is an audio OEM/ODM manufacturer, covering home theatre, hifi and AV systems, custom installation solutions, professional audio, wireless technologies and commercial products including AI voice and IoT devices.

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“We are extremely excited about this entirely new category of portable, ultra-low power products enabled by Libre’s MAVID device,” says Helge Kristensen, Vice President at Hansong Technology. “The Microdot XS is the first of several breakthrough portable and wearable products we will deliver as we enable entirely new use cases and applications in the exploding AI and IoT markets where voice is becoming a primary new man-machine interface.”

The MAVID device is single chip mic-to-cloud solution measuring only 13.5mm square. By integrating Hansong technology, it created an entirely new category of personal, portable battery powered miniature voice-enabled product, reports Business Wire.

The Microdot XS, a tiny golf ball-sized speaker, has all the advanced features of full-size Wi-Fi audio speakers. The small size and long battery life allow users to carry it wherever they go. The device has the unique ability to connect to your mobile phone hotspot while maintaining special low power connections for extended voice assistant and music streaming support.

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“We are very proud of having developed and delivered MAVID, a revolutionary voice/AI technology product which offers so much unique and differentiating value to our customers,” says Jordan Watters, Chief Executive Officer of Libre Wireless Technologies. “With innovative partners like Hansong Technology, we are excited to see the many unique new miniature, portable and wearable WiFi products that are being created and will lead the market expansion of voice assistant applications.”

The Microdot XS will launch in Q3 2019 in multiple markets including the US, UK, Germany and France, and can be seen at the Amazon booth at IFA Berlin and viewed in Amazon’s partner program press release at Amazon Press Link for Hansong Microdot.

Sam Draper
September 23, 2019

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