FLEEP Technologies Closes Over $100K Seed Round to Bring Printed Electronics to Market

FLEEP Technologies, a Milan, Italy-based startup that designs and develops printed and flexible...

Photo credit: Fleep Technologies

FLEEP Technologies, a Milan, Italy-based startup that designs and develops printed and flexible integrated circuits and systems based on OTFTs, has completed a seed round of €900K (USD 1,062,346), with the investment of “Eureka! Fund I – Technology Transfer” managed by EUREKA! Venture SGR.

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“We are thrilled to announce a new add to the FLEEPtech's investor family! EUREKA! Venture SGR,” FLEEP said on its Facebook page.

“We are happy and thankful for the trust of our great investors, all mentors and partners who have supported us on our way but most importantly for our incredible team and their outstanding work in the last months to make this happen.”

FLEEP said the money will help in the company’s development plans and will be used to bring the technology of ‘printed electronics’ to market, reports EU-startups.

FLEEP’s technology implements the intelligent core of flexible electronic applications, by enabling the integration and driving of conformable organic sensors, actuators and power sources. Realized with complementary organic technology, FleepIC features mechanical flexibility and electronic operation with low power consumption, while easy, cost- and energy-efficient manufacturing is guaranteed by manufacturing processes derived from printing.

“The entry of Eureka! will allow us to face the challenges related to the development of printed electronics in a more solid way, with the awareness of having acquired not only capital but also a strategic investor who can certainly help us with his vast knowledge and network of contacts in the deep-tech world,” said Giorgio Dell’Erba, co-founder and CEO of FLEEP Technologies.

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About FLEEP Technologies

FLEEP Technologies designs and develops printed electronics solutions for the biomedical and smart packaging sectors. The company, a spin-off of Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, was founded in May 2019. FLEEPtech developed a proprietary process for the fabrication of polymer-based integrated circuits based on Organic Thin-Film Transistors, creating the intelligent core for electronics systems that are mechanically flexible, printed like magazines and recyclable.

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October 20, 2020

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