Finns Enthusiastically Use Smart Devices for Measuring Health Data Compared to Other Europeans

Finland, with a population of only 5.5 million, is very tech-savvy, especially when it comes to...

Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki, Finland. Photo credit: Tapio Haaja, Unsplash

Finland, with a population of only 5.5 million, is very tech-savvy, especially when it comes to measuring health data. A total of 15% of the country’s residents have used smart devices for health data measurement for more than five years, reports Sitra. According to the report, 48% of Finns would also share their health data with research programs.

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“When looking at many indicators, Finland is already ahead of other countries when it comes to individuals’ positive attitude towards technology, people’s digital skills and related services offered by society. That is why especially here in Finland we should invest in the creation of trust-based, human-driven data economy services. On the basis of the survey, Finland and Finnish companies have good preconditions for becoming the new, fairer ‘Silicon Valley’ of the 2020s,” says Sitra’s Senior Lead Tiina Härkönen.

The survey was conducted by Kantar TNS Oy in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Finland in June and July 2020. About 1,000 people were chosen from each country.

Half of the survey respondents said they used various instruments or applications to measure health data. The past two years saw an increase in the use of devices, such as activity trackers and smart rings. Measurement is further increasing: a fifth of the device users had started their use during the six months prior to the survey, according to Sitra.

Those who currently measure their well-being data feel that the data is very useful for them. A total of 40% of the respondents said that they have become motivated to do more/better exercise and nearly a fifth, 19%, had adopted healthier eating habits.

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“The positive attitude of people in Finland towards technology is a solid foundation upon which to develop solutions for the management of the coronavirus epidemic,” says Jaana Sinipuro, Director of Sitra’s IHAN project. “Finland can and must lead the way in the creation of rules, technological solutions and success stories for the fair data market of the 2020s. We are in an advantageous position to solve problems that affect the entire world.”

Sam Draper
October 15, 2020

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