February 2022: SoftPulse™ by Datwyler

Our Innovation of the Month enables the next generation of brain-monitoring devices: SoftPulse™

Our Innovation of the Month enables the next generation of brain-monitoring devices: SoftPulse™ by Datwyler!

Datwyler’s soft dry electrodes offer high wearing comfort, are waterproof, flexible, and biocompatible.

Innovative solution for long-term bio-monitoring applications.

The SoftPulse™ allows dry signal acquisition which eliminates the use of gels and decreases skin irritation significantly. The specific design and characteristics allow usage without special skin preparation and freedom of area for monitoring. It simplifies the correct placement and the patients can apply the electrodes outside the hospital, which significantly increases convenience.

Furthermore, the soft dry electrodes are very robust, can be cleaned easily and used repeatedly. The SoftPulse™ is our solution for long-term bio-monitoring applications as they really improve the treatment comfort for patients.

If you would like to learn more about SoftPulse™, you are lucky: Datwyler is partnering with WT | Wearable Technologies again at the WT | Show at MEDICA 2022! Come and visit us and get introduced to Datwyler!

If you would like to learn more about SoftPulseTM and how they are manufactured and used, visit the WT | Studio Masterclass with Datwyler.

Want to learn more about Datwyler directly? Visit their Website.

Sam Draper
February 20, 2022

February 2022

Innovation of the month

Do you want to discover more, visit the website
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