Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Developing Disruptive Innovations that Positively Impact Society

French software company Dassault Systèmes announced new milestones for its 3DEXPERIENCE Lab...

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French software company Dassault Systèmes announced new milestones for its 3DEXPERIENCE Lab open innovation laboratory and accelerator program. Furthering its mission to nurture disruptive innovations that positively impact society, Dassault Systèmes has extended the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab’s reach by welcoming new startups, incubator partners and fab lab partners into its global ecosystem. The announcement was made at the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Rendez-vous event December 3 at the Atelier des Lumières digital art center in Paris.

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Fifteen new disruptive projects and startups from Belgium, China, France, India, South Africa and the U.S. have joined the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab accelerator program. They will develop transformative projects that contribute to one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to impact society, as well as benefit from mentoring and expertise, reports Business Wire.

“The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab is an example of the power of collective intelligence, open innovation, and digital cloud platforms to enable breakthrough innovations for the greater good that align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals,” said Frédéric Vacher, Head of Innovation, Dassault Systèmes. “Dassault Systèmes is looking extensively to support these goals through early stage startup projects and communities, to further reinforce this mission and contribute from the bottom up to make a better world.”

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The startups are the latest additions to an accelerator program that has reviewed more than 500 ideas, many of which have significantly advanced in their development.

Since establishing the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab in France in 2015, Dassault Systèmes has expanded it to the U.S. and India, and now counts more than 25 incubator, accelerator, educational, entrepreneurial, technology and fab lab partners worldwide. As an open collaborative accelerator, it has also teamed up with multinational companies to co-accelerate promising projects in specific industries. Its growing community of 1,200 mentors provides expertise in disciplines ranging from design and simulation to regulatory and marketing.

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New partners in 2019 include startup incubators MIT Enterprise Forum CEE in Poland, Greentown Labs in the U.S., Centech in Canada, OuiCrea in China, and Tshimologong in South Africa; the business school HEC in France; and the Communautique FabLab in Canada.

Sam Draper
December 13, 2019

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