Current Health Partners with VivaLNK and MIR to Improve Remote Patient Monitoring

Current Health, an Edinburgh, Scotland-based wearable patient...

Image: Current Health

Current Health, an Edinburgh, Scotland-based wearable patient monitoring platform, partnered up with VivaLNK and MIR to add axillary temperature and spirometry measurement capabilities to its offering. VivaLNK provides medical wearable solutions for continuous patient monitoring and MIR (Medical International Research) makes spirometry devices, reports MobiHealthNews.

"We’re building out around our continuous wearable all [of] these other devices to capture other metrics, and that was what the FDA cleared,” Chris McCann, CEO and cofounder of Current Health, told MobiHealthNews. “In our view, both of those devices are best in class for monitoring of spirometry and axillary temperature.”

Current Health’s AI-powered remote patient monitoring device was cleared by the FDA in April. Patients using the platform are provided with a tracker and a tablet for taking part in a chatbot, medication reminders, educational content, and support for video or text conversations with a clinician. These clinicians, meanwhile, can follow their patients’ vitals through a provider-facing interface and intervene when necessary.

Current Health’s upper arm wearable device can continuously monitor skin temperature, pulse rate, oxygen saturation and movement, among other things. But the company’s ultimate goal is to provide clinical teams with a more detailed view of at-home patients, according to McCann.

VivaLNK’s Vital Scout is a wearable patch that continuously monitors stress and recovery (Image: VivaLNK)

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“What we are really trying to do is build as wide a physical picture of the patient’s health as possible, and then we also get them an application they can use to report symptoms, so we’re also capturing the behavioral side of their health, and we’re trying to use both that broad physical picture and that broad behavioral picture to identify who is at risk earlier. So, we’re going to keep building more and more and more of these integrations to keep giving us a better understanding of human health,” said McCann.

McCann also said that his company is getting closer to wrapping up deals that would add continuous glucose monitoring and International Normalized Ratio or INT, a measurement of blood coagulation, to the platform. Their goal is to add more than 50 integrations by the end of 2020, he said.

Sam Draper
October 2, 2019

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