Unveils Contactless Blood Pressure Monitoring System announced the availability of Blood Pressure measurements added to its Health Date Platform

Image:, the leading provider of general health and wellness video-based monitoring solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI), announced today the availability of Blood Pressure measurements added to its robust Health Data Platform, already commercially available to businesses. Through the use of virtually any smartphone or laptop, blood pressure measurement can be extracted within just one minute, simply by looking at the device’s camera. enables the extraction of blood pressure measurements and other vitals without the need for a watch, finger clip, cuff or any other additional dedicated hardware.

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Why is this major?

“This is a huge milestone for healthcare and wellness in general as well as for; and we look forward to witnessing its positive impact on people’s lives. Blood pressure measurement is an essential element in evaluating the general health of a person, helping also diagnose and determine treatment options for serious conditions, including hypertension, obesity or diabetes. When left unmonitored, it can quietly damage the body for years before symptoms develop,” said David Maman, Co-founder and CEO of “Using a device people already possess, individuals, care providers and payers can now have easy, frequent, access, from the palm of their hands or remotely, to real-time health data to better care for themselves and provide better, more timely care for others, anywhere at any time, faster and at lower costs.” continued Maman.

How is it done?

Blood pressure is extracted using the optical technique of photoplethysmography (PPG), which analyzes the reflection of light that returns to the camera from a bare skin region on a human face; using advanced AI and deep learning algorithms, including computer vision technology and signal processing. has run several tests for the development and validation of the blood pressure measurement, both in-house and in clinical settings. Already compliant with low accuracy medical devices standards (for home users) with STD, these measurements were also compared with the Connex Spot Monitor and the Withings BPM Connect devices, according to a press release.


Not only Blood Pressure

In addition to blood pressure,’s award-winning technology also provides measurements including heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV) R-R interval (RRi), parasympathetic activity, pulse-respiration quotient (PRQ), oxygen saturation, respiration rate, and sympathetic stress.’s solution removes the need for wearables and extracts health parameters regardless of gender and skin color.

How is it delivered?

As a B2B company, delivers its technology to organizations as a Software Development Kit (SDK) that can be easily integrated into their apps that support iOS, Android devices, Windows laptops or web applications on Safari and Google Chrome browsers.

Who should use this?

Various industries in need of end-user provided health data, including healthcare, pharma, insurance, wellness and many more can highly gain from using’s technology in use cases such as telehealth, remote patient monitoring, chronic disease management, elderly care, home care, preventive care, personalized care, virtual trials, medication adherence, insurance, corporate and personal wellness, epidemics spread mitigation and many more.

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The solution is not a medical device and should be considered as a self-assessment tool only.

Sam Draper
January 21, 2022

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