ASE Develops State-of-the-Art Microchip Using ANSYS Customization Toolkit

Engineers at the ASE, a Chinese semiconductor company, have drastically improved their...

Image: ASE Global

Engineers at the ASE, a Chinese semiconductor company, have drastically improved their IC semiconductor packaging and development and create state-of-the-art microchips with the help of ANSYS Customization Toolkit (ACT) solution. ACT enables engineers to create more accurate models, enhance structural reliability and slash design time to enable customers to receive products faster than ever.

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“ASE is committed to constructing a complete solution for developing IC packaging technology, strengthening design and high-yield manufacturing,” said C.P. Hung, vice president, corporate R&D, ASE Group. “We are very pleased to have a long-term collaboration with ANSYS. The automated analysis technology developed by ACT is the first step in developing future intelligent analysis and design, converting converse complex manual analysis into an automatic search process for potentially critical areas such as cracking, interface delamination and more. ACT will bring more opportunities for advanced packaging and system-level design to the market and accelerate customer product launches.”

With the process of IC manufacturing becoming more complex, companies have shifted focus to product design and dedicate less development time to simulation. To improve the IC packaging and development process, engineers must quickly create models that span countless scenarios to identify design problems and boost product performance, says a press release.

ANSYS 3D Modeling Software (Image credit: ANSYS)

ASE has developed ANSYS ACT workflow, a streamlined sub-modeling automation solution that enhances the IC packaging and development process. This workflow drastically reduces human error by converting complex manual analyses into an automatic search process to identify critical reliability issues such as cracking and interface delamination. This enables ASE engineers to swiftly create highly precise models, rapidly determine the optimal solution, identify problematic parts and reduce overall development time by 30%.

“ASE's ACT solution provides a simple and highly intuitive development environment, enabling engineers to effectively use existing simulation tools to radically increase their productivity and take their IC packaging and development process to the next level,” said John Lee, vice president and general manager, ANSYS. “Spanning a product's entire lifecycle, ASE's ACT automated workflow creates game-changing breakthroughs in semiconductor packaging processes to deliver unparalleled customer support.”

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Ansys Inc. is an American public company based in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. It develops and markets engineering simulation software. If you've ever seen a rocket launch, flown on an airplane, driven a car, used a computer, touched a mobile device, crossed a bridge or put on wearable technology, chances are you've used a product where ANSYS software played a critical role in its creation.

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October 30, 2019

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