Arduino Collaborates with Seeed To Assemble The Arduino Sensor STEM Kit

Arduino and Seeed have collaborated to produce the Arduino Sensor Kit. The Arduino STEM kit is...

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Arduino and Seeed have collaborated to produce the Arduino Sensor Kit. The Arduino STEM kit is based on the Arduino UNO.

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Aimed at those getting started with electronics and sensors, the STEM Education Kit is the perfect choice for beginners to learn Arduino, electronics, and program. More than 14 kinds of sensors provide detailed tutorials for each sensor, designed especially for beginners.

“Ideal for anyone who currently uses an Arduino UNO board and wants to create and launch their own D.I.Y projects, the kit integrates the 10 most popular Grove sensors and actuators all on one board. Users can plug, sketch and play without any additional wiring required or learning how to solder. It is, however, also great for more advanced users who wish to reduce time on circuitry and build quickly,” reports Electronics Weekly.

The Arduino Sensor Kit teaches how to connect and program basic Grove modules that include both sensors and actuators along with the Arduino Uno (or other Arduino Boards with the same form factor), reports Arduino. This kit was elaborated in collaboration with Seeed Studio and provides the Arduino community with the opportunity to build projects with minimal effort of both wiring and coding. This kit acts as a bridge to the world of Grove and provides a flexible way for Makers to extend their projects to include other complex Grove modules.

The Kit includes access to an online platform with all the instructions required to plug, sketch, and play with the different Grove Modules. There are 10 projects:

  • The LED. This simple LED can be turned On/Off or dimmed.
  • The Button. This is a push-button that can be put on high or low mode.
  • The Potentiometer. It’s a variable resistor that can be used to increase or decrease resistance simply by turning its knob.
  • The Buzzer. This piezo speaker produces binary sounds.
  • The Light Sensor. This is a photoresistor that reads light intensity.
  • The Sound Sensor. This small microphone measures sound vibrations.
  • The Air Pressure Sensor. Using I2C protocol, this pressure sensor reads air pressure.
  • The Temperature Sensor. Reads both temperature and humidity.
  • The Movement Sensor. This is used to detect movement.
  • The OLED Screen. Messages and values can be printed on this screen.


Base Shield that is designed to fit on top of an Arduino UNO board. It comes equipped with 16 grove connectors, which, when placed on top of the UNO, provides functionality to various pins.

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The Arduino Sensor Kit Library is a wrapper for that contains links to other libraries related to certain modules such as the accelerometer, air pressure sensor, temperature sensor and the OLED display. This library provides easy-to-use apis that will help you build a clear mental model of the concepts you will be using.

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December 14, 2020

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