Archinisis Unveils Rowing Performance Analysis System

Archinisis’ new rowing analysis system offers real-time feedback and detailed performance insights.


Archinisis is redefining rowing performance analysis with its latest sensor technology. This innovation captures real-time data, offering athletes and coaches immediate insights into stroke efficiency and rowing dynamics. Designed for simplicity and effectiveness, it seamlessly integrates into daily training routine to enhance training and competitive performance.

To enhance the rowing experience, Archinisis' technology is not only about capturing data but also about understanding it in the context of rowing dynamics. The tool's design focuses on easy setup and operation, allowing coaches to concentrate on observing athletes and providing feedback rather than technical configurations and cumbersome data analysis. By providing detailed yet easily understandable feedback on stroke rate, boat speed, and other crucial metrics, it allows for a modern, data-driven training approach.


The real-time feedback offers coaches immediate insights into a boat’s performance, allowing for on-the-spot adjustments. By attaching a sensor to the boat, it captures and streams motion data to a server that calculates key metrics like stroke rate, speed, and pace. This information is readily available on any device, anywhere, with no distance limitations affecting access.

Selected national and high-performance university rowing teams are already utilizing this technology for various purposes, including monitoring training sessions, tracking progress, optimizing team composition, and analyzing race performance.


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About Archinisis:

Archinisis, founded in 2018, is at the forefront of developing sophisticated performance analysis technology, aimed at enhancing athletic performance across various sports disciplines. Their mission revolves around providing precise and actionable insights through advanced yet easy-to-use sensor technology and analytics, enabling athletes and coaches to refine strategies and optimize performance.

Sam Draper
March 5, 2024

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