AI-Powered and OTC Hearing Aids with Speech Extraction

Elehear introduced AI-powered OTC hearing aids with noise reduction and speech extraction.

Image Credits: Elehear

ELEHEAR, an innovator in AI-powered hearing aids and audio solutions, introduced its first OTC hearing aid devices: the ELEHEAR Alpha and ELEHEAR Alpha Pro. These hearing aids by ELEHEAR utilize accumulated knowledge from past algorithms and sound technologies. The ELEHEAR technical team has harnessed this expertise to create a new application that incorporates AI noise reduction and speech extraction. It learns from users' daily actions to predict and minimize the impact of noise in typical audio environments such as homes, offices, public transit, busy streets, and restaurants. This hearing aid offers an exceptional auditory experience at an incredibly affordable price point, specifically designed for individuals with hearing loss.

"We want to improve the lives of individuals with hearing loss by bringing next-generation, enterprise-level technology built on artificial intelligence to the OTC market. We empower people with accessible, high-quality hearing enhancement solutions that go beyond just restoring hearing - we strive to elevate the auditory experience to new heights," remarked the ELEHEAR team.

The ELEHEAR team believes that a good hearing aid should return to the essence of a product that works well. These three key features are vital for a good hearing aid:

1.     An elegantly compact and featherweight design for enduring comfort.

2.     Exquisite sound quality, embracing advanced noise-reduction prowess, generous amplification, and masterful feedback orchestration.

3.     Extended battery longevity, assuring an uninterrupted symphony of use throughout the day.

However, achieving all three of these points simultaneously in a single hearing aid is challenging, as they inherently conflict with each other. To make a device smaller, there may be compromises in terms of battery life and noise reduction. Most hearing aids on the market typically excel in one or two of these aspects, but only a product that excels in all three can be considered outstanding. ELEHEAR Alpha Pro accomplishes this without sacrificing any of these features.

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We can see that ELEHEAR Alpha Pro includes many features of a high-quality hearing aid, including the following:

·       Comfort Redefined: Comfort is not just an add-on; it's a core feature of the Alpha Pro. The device's sleek and feather-light, with a 3.8g weight design guarantees a seamless fit, allowing users to wear it throughout the day without experiencing any discomfort.

·       AI Noise Reduction: ELEHEAR's AI technology excels in distinguishing human voices from background noise, preserving the natural clarity of the listening experience. Unlike conventional methods that apply noise reduction to both voices and environmental sounds, our approach minimizes distortion while enhancing voice quality and speech clarity. In a deep learning process, the device first picks up the user's audio environment and then trains the AI via the app and cloud processing, and then sends those customized environmental parameters back to be run on the device.

·       Crystal Clear Sound: 32kHz Ultra HD Speech Signal Processing delivers unparalleled natural sound quality in a compact design.

·       20-hour battery life: The hearing aid features a rechargeable lithium battery that supports wireless charging. With one charge, it runs for 20 hours, ensuring an entire day of uninterrupted listening.

·       Bluetooth Streaming: Seamless transition between Hearing Aid and Bluetooth Headset Modes, lets users enjoy both calls and music anytime.

·       In-App Remote Adjustment: The user-friendly companion app enhances users' hearing experience and lets people enjoy personalized audio tailoring for an immersive journey.

·       Feedback Control: VoClear AI predicts possible feedback sources and neutralizes them within milliseconds, delivering a clear and comfortable hearing experience.

·       Affordable Excellence: In a market where quality often comes at a premium, the Alpha Pro breaks the mold by offering top-tier features at an affordable price point. This makes advanced hearing technology accessible to a wider audience, fulfilling ELEHEAR's mission to enhance lives through innovation.

Price and Availability

Elehear Alpha available with a limited-time offer of $399(with a retail price of $899) during the product launch period until October 31, 2023. For users seeking advanced features like full Bluetooth integration and more powerful noise reduction, audio environment analysis, and feedback control, ELEHEAR Alpha Pro is available at $499 (with a retail price of $999).ELEHEAR offers a 45-day money-back guarantee with a 1-year warranty. These generous pricing strategies ensure that users can access high-quality hearing aids at reasonable prices. US customers can purchase the Alpha and Alpha Pro via the ELEHEAR website starting September 25th at 9 AM EDT.


Founded in 2017, ELEHEAR pushes the boundaries of hearing enhancement by creating technologies that empower people through excellent hearing. The company's breakthrough deep learning AI algorithm—VocPlus—rooted in Computational Auditory Scene Analysis ("CASA") and Deep Learning("DL")—has been installed in over 200 million consumer devices worldwide.

Sam Draper
September 27, 2023

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